Cable assembly

Cable  assembly

Model No.︰BY-SMA-2

Brand Name︰Beyondoor

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Model 1 
ConnectorSMA Straight Female Bulkhead to MCX Right Angle Male  
Cable Length
cm):8,12 etc.  
Cable Type
RG174/RG178 etc. 

Model 2 
Connector:SMA Straight Female Bulkhead to MMCX Right Angle Male  
Cable Length(cm):8,12 etc.  
Cable Type:RG174/RG178 etc.  

Model 3: 
Connector:SMA Straight Female Bulkhead to GSC  
Cable Length(cm):8,10 etc.  
Cable Type:0.81 mm thin cable  

Model 4: 
Connector:SMA Straight Female Bulkhead to MCD  
Cable Length(cm):8,12 etc.  
Cable Type:0.81 mm thin cable  

Model 5: 
Connector:SMA Straight Female Bulkhead to IPEX(U.FL)  
Cable Length(cm):8,12 etc.  
Cable Type:1.13 mm thin cable  

Model 6: 
Connector:SMA Straight Female Bulkhead to IPEX(U.FL)  
Cable Length(cm):8,12 etc.  
Cable Type:RG178  

Model 7: 
Connector:SMA Straight Female Bulkhead to MCG(H.FL)  
Cable Length(cm):8,12 etc.  
Cable Type:1.37 mm thin cable  

Model 8: 
Connector:SMA Straight Female Bulkhead to stripped end  
Cable Length(cm):8,12 etc.  
Cable Type:RG174/RG178 etc.


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